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We specialise in Hand Sculpted Dolls, realistic dolls house flowers, dressed furniture and custom/made to order dolls house curtains, including full house commissions.

I have been hand making dolls house items for over 12 years

If your dolls house has windows of an unusual shape such as arched or bay windows, or of a non-standard  size we can  make Dolls House Curtains specially for you. Because our items are hand made using fine materials, they are often unique or limited to small numbers.


Because of their quality, our Dolls House curtains and other items are often chosen by professional Dolls House builders and finishers, and have also been featured in Doll’s House and miniaturist magazines

For examples of our designs, including Dolls House Curtains made to order, please see our “Orders Portfolio” pages. We can also produce custom made matching sets of soft furnishings.

For more information please see our Made to Order section, or email us at:   tanya.littlecurtains@gmail.com

To Order Please Email with your requirements or visit our Etsy Shop:


We also attend Doll’s House fairs in the East of England. Please Click here to see the list of fairs we will be attending:                                                                                 Dolls House Fairs

Please Note: Because our items are hand made, we may not be able to deliver large orders from stock.

About Us Dolls House interiors by: : http://www.dolls-house-grand-designs.co.uk